College Night with Providence Roller Derby and Zipcar Member Party

Wed, February 13, 2013

PROVIDENCE ROLLER DERBY IS BACK AT THE RINK!! No bouts tonight but a mix of Providence Roller Derby league members will be at the City Center for College Night to add a ton of personality and high energy! Don't know about Derby? Come on down and you'll see why they are a favorite for so many - they'll be on the ice, rink-side, and on the mic. Go Mob Squad, Old Money Honeys, and Sakonnet River Roller Rats! Got a favorite league? Don't forget to pick up some rockin' fab swag to show your team spirit! Want to know more? Check out the Providence Roller Derby site. We also have Zipcar hosting their member party making this an all-out bash! Zipcar Providence is hosting its 1st annual Skate & Date this February 13th from 6-10pm at the Bank of America City Center Ice Skating Rink in Downtown Providence. Warm your hearts Zipsters, with this cool night out, full of love songs and dedications, a kiss camera and delectable local treats all to help set the mood this Valentine's Day. So lace up, grab a hot beverage and don't forget your shnookums - for a night on the ice with us. We'll even spot you on the bill. All Zipsters and their dates skate for free on us. Don't forget free skate rentals, too. Now that's a dreamy idea.